How do you rank among top equity research analysts?

Find out with GAMMA PI™

Assess the following factors:
Generate informed insights
Accurately forecast
Make accurate stock recommendations
Motivate others to act (communications)
Acquire buy-side votes (sell-side only)
  • Efficiency
  • Prioritization
  • Scheduling
Individual characteristics
  • Coping strategies
  • Locus of control
  • Managing stress
  • Self-monitoring
  • Social ability
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • Thinking style
Number of questions 34 135 135
Scope of output 1 page 15-17 pages 15-17 pages
Specific recommendations for improvement No Yes Yes
30 minute consultation w/ James Valentine, CFA No No Yes
Fee $9.95 $129 $249
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The only self-assessment for buy-side and sell-side equity research analysts to identify their strengths and blind spots.

Based on evaluations of over 2,500 buy-side and sell-side equity research analysts from over 60 countries, “GAMMA” reveals your abilities for the five key activities of successful analysts, while “PI” explores productivity and individual characteristics – two measures that shape an analyst’s overall success.

Your high score in a category suggests you operate similar to great stock pickers. A low score in a category indicates that you might improve your stock picking skills by following the best practices of the most successful analysts, potentially through targeted training and coaching. GAMMA PI™ assessments are designed to help sector-specific fundamental buy-side and sell-side equity research analysts self-evaluate their performance. Generalist analysts and portfolio managers may have a coverage universe so large that some elements of the assessment may not be as valuable in assessing their performance (such as generating informed insights and accurately forecasting).

Download a sample to see how GAMMA PI™ can help you — if you are not 100% satisfied with your output, we will refund your purchase.


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